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  1. Cloaked

    XenForo 2 Demo Site

    I have a XenForo 2 demo site set up at XenForo Zone - XenForo 2 Demo. Drop by and test drive the new version of XenForo.
  2. Cloaked

    XenForo Zone

    Site Name/URL: XenForo Zone - For XenForo Enthusiasts I created XenForo Zone in November 2016 with the idea that XenForo license owners and enthusiasts could gather to share ideas. I didn't do much with it at the time because I had no time to dedicate to it. A couple weeks ago that changed and...
  3. Cloaked

    xenForo xenForo Staff

    I have noticed lately that xenForo staff can be influenced by some users on their forum to edit and moderate posts that don't agree with what the thread op has posted. There was a review posted about a forum in the same niche as Admins Zone that pointed out some of the shortcomings of the site...