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admins zone

  1. Cloaked

    Admins Zone New Style

    I have changed the style of the site to match the style on XenForo Zone. This will make it easy for me to roll out changes without having to worry about doing major changes to the styles. This style as is the one on XenForo Zone are the default style as a child of PixelExit very fine XenBase...
  2. Cloaked

    The Future of Admins Zone

    I admit I have been lax adding new topics to spur discussions since I opened the community. The reason is that the current structure of forums are old and antiquated. The current structure, category hierarchy with linear list of threads, has outlived it's usefulness. People want to see what's...
  3. Cloaked

    Admins Zone is on Twitter

    Admins Zone has a twitter account. Make sure to follow Admins Zone at Admns Zone (@AdmsZone) | Twitter on Twitter.
  4. Cloaked


    It seems this site has come under the eye of the owner of a similar site. It seems this owner has decided that any members of his forum that join here will be banned on his site. I myself find this to be childlike behavior. Although since I was an admin at said owners site I understand the...
  5. Cloaked

    Admins Zone Needs You

    Admins Zone is looking for staff members. Since the site has re-opened and it is a little slow the main job will be to add new topics to get the forum going. Once the community gets kicked started then the job will be to participate in threads and make sure topics stay free of trolls and...
  6. Cloaked

    xenForo xenForo Staff

    I have noticed lately that xenForo staff can be influenced by some users on their forum to edit and moderate posts that don't agree with what the thread op has posted. There was a review posted about a forum in the same niche as Admins Zone that pointed out some of the shortcomings of the site...
  7. Cloaked

    Admins Zone is Now Open

    I'd like to welcome everyone to Admins Zone a community for administrators, owners and forum enthusiasts to gather together and share knowledge. Admins Zone was originally Admin Reports and then later Forum SEO Help. While the community was off to a good start I didn't have time for it and it...